Easter Cookery Camp

08:30 Monday, March 30, 2020 - 16:30 Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A 3 day cookery course during the Easter holidays. Perfect for those inquisitive minds looking to learn new skills!


Do your children have a passion for pastry, a love of linguine or are they a croissant connoisseur? 

If so, then they'll love our Easter Cookery Camp. The 3 day camp will give them a chance to explore lots of different types of cooking and learn kitchen teamwork skills, plus they can reap the tasty rewards of their hard work! 

Each of the three days are themed...

Day 1 - Breads and doughs: learn about all the different kinds of breads, the importance of yeast, and how to get a range of different results from the same ingredients.

Day 2 - Cakes and pastries: Get that sweet-tooth fix! Learn the difference between shortcrust and choux and what beautiful fillings and flavours can make the most our of your pastries.

Day 3 - Meals and spices: Using everything they've learned during the course so far, it's time to see how all their skills can be combined to make a whole meal! Learn about how different spices can change basic ingredients and what breads, doughs, cakes and pastries compliment a dish. 


Ages 10-13

For enquiries, please contact Leweston Enterprises at [email protected] OR CALL 01963 211003

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Easter Cookery Camp

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